понедельник, 10 мая 2010 г.

One dream at a time

One dream at a time

Today, May 10 is a special day for 17 years old Alina Karapetyan. She is going to fulfill her dream and take a course on making and decorating cakes. This skill will help her to earn some income in the village.
Special thanks to Rotaract Club of YEREVAN for sponsoring Alina to attend this course.
For 19 years the Karapetyans’ family was forced to move from place to place with no hope to finally settle in a place and call it “our home. Senik and Karine Karapetyans have 4 children.

In December 2005 with the funds provided by Tufenkian Foundation and Hye Dzmer Pap Foundation, the family obtained a piece of land where to build a house, further VivaCell-MTS and Tufenkian foundation provided funds to build foundations and walls, and now with the non-interest loan provided by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia the family is close to realize their dream of so many years.
To read more about this family please visit http://www.fullercenterarmenia.org/en/about-us/newsroom/41-newsroom/93-buildin-in-geghard-with-agbu-yp
Together we can help more families…

четверг, 6 мая 2010 г.

What is coming next with the Fuller Center Armenia

Soon number of home dedications will follow: 100th house, 17 families home dedications at the same time in Vanadzor ARDA project with Lazarian homes. Next the greatest time is coming when the volunteer teams (Global Builders) arrive one by one to build homes with beneficiary families. Lots of work but such a rewarding time!!!

Check our web site for more news www.fullercenterarmenia.org

среда, 5 мая 2010 г.